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found my old photofile about AUTOMODIF SOLO
this is'nt too large event but still show best built car in center java...
enjoy.. !!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alvin's Yamaha MX LC RANGER

Hey-WheelFreakerz!!! Happy Sunday everybody!!_  
Long time no see,

Let's post begin with our friend's ride, yeah I'm talking about bike.
Alvin's yamaha jupiter MX is here!!!-

He is an otaku maniac, JDM freak, all about japanese- and let's see how this boy modified his bike(again)
because they start his modification experience with his Yamaha NOUVO-
but, I'll show you his NOUVO soon-  Back to his yamaha MX

Elegant + SPORTY + Japs style = ?????
I,m really confused about this bike concept-
But- LOOK at this -

Yamaha jupiter MX is a first bike in 135 cc class in Indonesia, and so break highest sale result from 135 cc bike in indonesia.More often meet MX on street right?? more than Kawasaki ZX 130 or Bajaj pulsar 135 LS.Yeah, you just need one hand to count 130-135 cc bike with your finger-._. actually in Indonesia.


 In Thailand we'll found it's brother with same body and technology, they call it SPARK 135 . With Diacyl cylinder and Forged piston make this thing more cool than any other bike.The same technology applied to YZF-1000 and YZF-R1.What is LC? this is Liquid Cooling system ,with radiator to exchange the heat from engine.Don't forget about this one, TPS or throttle position sensor to maximize the best ignition degree for this bike.Monoshock in this bike is "stock" and alvin didn't touch MX suspension , because "stock" setting suspension is the best", he said.

 HAHAHA, ultraman baby make me laugh when I saw it for the first time, basic otaku maniac.For the body, this MX use Spies Hecker paint with RED MAROON paint.Alvin love this paint because this is an unconsistent colour.Look like Purple, Blue grape, little dark, but this is Red!!!

SOHC 4 valve, why SOHC?? Single OverHead Camshaft with 4 valve is more efficient (maybe) from DOHC, if we talk about weight reduction engine.But, this is cool.We don't need two if we have one in pack.

it's cannibal Rear lamp from Spark 135from thailand , little bit sporty from "stock" rear lamp.
yeaa, I L**E JDM again!!

 Braking system, with this 320 mm DiscBrake make this stuff look cool from right side.Not too heavy if we compare it with PSM 350 mm Disc Brake. NICE choice brother.

Can't read Japanese??. Alvin said this sticker reads SUPER SENTAI or 
( Japanese Power Ranger)

By the WAY, it's all about Japanese ( again)

Alvin's said this thing is not yet finished, need
a lot off stuff and customization to be a coolest MX in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Because this MX project isn't "running out off time project" this is timeless project.Wait for his Yamaha NOUVO?

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see you and G0d Bless you WFkerz!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Report from Djarum Black dyno attraction Surabaya

Welcome back to my post Wheel freakerz!!!!_whatz up!!-  This is my report about Djarum Black Dyno attraction last saturday (19 may 2012) at parking lot Grand City Surabaya_

And a lot of battle this day :)  we got Dyno attraction, Fun SPL battle (1 on 1), and modification contest-

Let's scroll down- and Enjoy the pic-  sorry for low quality pic, -.-

snow white-Honda City

I'm really confused about this car?? someone can tell me.what car is it?? this is rare in Indonesia

civic FD from SHIFT team, the winner of ( BEST CAR SHOW )  with charmeleon paint work-

and the other street racing  FD-,- I ever take photo of this FD in other event-

OLD SCHOOL-.-   pretty nice corolla '75.- I want this one

Honda Edix-.-
white lips on that rims-- make it sexy>

 chubby suzuki SWIFT, but, in here.we call it  ( unyu-unyu)

 sitting right-

 ADDS 100 BHP ???? where I can buy this item???- hahahha _ 
Suzuki SX4 crossover_  with perfect wheel fitment-

This is Toyota vios, much better than other "taxi"-  cool

Jazz GD3_ JDM maniac just do it like this_

Yeahh- like a boss!!!

 Full wraping sticker-.-  Bob marley gonna love this car- uyeeee

 Truly, my favorite civic in this event

 Indonesian Culture on this Kijang innova_ still love it
enough haa???

 elegant cutting sticker with extreme bodykit?????-##$@$#@!


 on other window side-

 sporty elegant_Honda accord

 Lancer Evolution VIII_ 460,4 HP ( Force Induction class) !!! the winner-
beauty beast-)

 yellow Mazda RX 8-.- Banana Taste-

 Toyota KLUGER-

 and this 406 from Peugeot Owner Group Surabaya

 Honda Integra DC5-.- white awesome- hope to hear the engine sounds-.-

 Beautiful E-90 

Friends or Enemies????  just a couple twin civic-

 black matte accord-.-  tampang serem- abis broo!!

 the blue Subaru Impreza WRX STI , 2nd runner up in dynotest this night- 

 Retro touring car concept on this Mercedes-.-  

 Honda Prelude-  Wide enough baby???

 too cute for me-.-  so A classy-

 Remember this monster??

 classic Mercedes-Benz   with extraordinary SPL audio!!!!

 FBI agent ???  or police???

 this prelude use Integra DC5 stoplamp-BUT
 Where's the Honda??

look good from behind-.-  so 80"s

We meet up with some friend's, And Guess what??_ we find Kevin surio's Red sirion from Panda audio and get ready for Final SPL Battle-.-  
So dirty and so-un-clean- Because this is about SPL!!!!! so what??

Guntur audio vs Panda audio     (Final db test)

Inside that "dirty" daihatsu sirion-.-  hehehehe

YEAAHHHHH-.-  140,2 db  is the best record that night!!!!

The winner: Panda Audio
1st runner up : Guntir audio
2nd runner up : Raharjo technic

 Low-- n LOW it again!!!!!  

 Beautiful FD wings!!!, I mean gull wing!!!

 The winner of Dyno contest (n/a class)< no nitrous, supercharged,and other force induction parts>
this estilo got 192,3 Hp !!!

  That WRX on Dyno test-.-

The "beast" Evolution that night!!!!

Dyno attraction (Force Induction class)
The winner = Philip (Lancer Evo VIII)
1st runner up = Promobile (VW Golf)
2nd runner up = Hendra (Subaru WRX STI) 

(n/a class)
The winner = Wendra ( Honda Estilo)
1st runner up = Arbi (Honda Civic)
2nd runner up = Arya (Honda Estilo)

Modification class =
Best car show = shift (honda civic FD)
1st runner up = revenge (Toyota Innova)
2nd runner up = south Land ( Dodge hot-rod)

Congratulation for all winner!!!!!keep creative and make it OUT OF THE BOX-.-

Keep stay tune bro!!!  on Wheel_Freak!!!!